C’est une étude réalisée par des chercheurs de l’université de Chicago qui est parvenu à ce résultat:  quand ils font leur achat de voiture par beau temps, les consommateurs sont plus susceptibles d’acquérir une décapotable. En fait, ils se laisseraient influencer par le climat…


People are substantially more likely to buy a convertible on an unseasonably warm day, according to a study by Devin G. Pope, Chicago Booth associate professor, and his colleagues. When shopping for cars on a sunny day, people make the mistake of projecting their current tastes onto their future ones, much like we do when grocery shopping on an empty stomach. When you’re hungry, you stock up on more cans of soup than you’re ever likely to need. Similarly, when you’re at a dealership on a sunny day, a convertible looks especially appetizing. The mistake of assuming that the way we feel today is how we’ll feel in the future—a mistake psychologists call projection bias—has been studied before, but never with a decision as consequential as purchasing a car, and rarely with such statistical rigor.