Le rapport du National intelligence council américain publié récemment est commenté dans les colonnes du Financial Times du jour. La tendance majeure que relève le chroniqueur n’est pas seulement l’affaiblissement des Etats, c’est la place et l’intérêt croissants des individus.


« The more striking trend, though, is the ebbing of power away from the state. This has been happening for some time. Governments everywhere, in the west and among the rest, have been weakened by globalisation – losing power to multinational corporations, footloose capital and cross-border networks. The NIC identifies a second shift – from the state to the individual. The report calls this individual empowerment a “megatrend”, a development that will change fundamentally the way societies are organised.

In rising states, growing prosperity and costless communications technology are emancipating hundreds of millions of people who have hitherto been locked out of politics. Women almost everywhere are securing greater access to education and the beginnings of a voice in politics«