La criminalité est plus élevée en Europe qu’aux Etats-Unis

Les économistes Paolo Buonanno, Francesco Drago, Roberto Galbiati, and Giulio Zanella soulignent dans un papier récent (relevé par Tyler Cowen) que la criminalité est plus élevée en Europe qu’aux Etats-Unis (voir graphique 1 ci dessous), et notamment en France (voir graphique 2). Et c’est encore plus vrai pour les les crimes violents (graphique 3)

Graphique 1 : Total des crimes

Graphique 2 : Total des crimes

Graphique 3 : Crimes violents


Leurs conclusions:

Contrary to common perceptions, today both property and violent crimes (with the exception of homicides) are more widespread in Europe than in the US, while the opposite was true thirty years ago. We label this fact as the “reversal of misfortunes”. We investigate what accounts for the reversal by studying the causal impact of demographic changes, incarceration, abortion, unemployment and immigration on crime. For this we use time series data (1970-2008) from seven European countries and the U.S. We find that the demographic structure of the population and the incarceration rate are important determinants of crime. Our results suggest that a tougher incarceration policy may be an effective way to contrast crime in Europe. Our analysis does not provide information on how incarceration policy should be made tougher nor does it provide an answer to the question whether a such a policy would also be efficient from a cost-benefit point of view. We leave this to future research.


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